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Parent resources

We provide a range of resources to support parents at our school.

Weekly newsletter

Our weekly newsletter can be found on the school website. Parents and caregivers can also register with the school office to receive a direct email link to the newsletter. Parents are welcome to visit the school’s administration office where one of the friendly admin staff will provide you with a simple registration slip. View our weekly school newsletters.

Parent information sessions

Within the first three weeks of each new school year, class teachers offer information sessions for parents about their child’s class, the routines, expectations and organisation of learning initiatives relative to the year level. These gatherings are most important as they provide valuable information about our learning programs, ambitions, behavioural expectations, class rules, homework, routines, communication and more, for each class. Parents/carers are also encouraged to continue keeping in touch with their child’s teachers as we work together to offer all children the best possible learning opportunities, encouragement and support.

During the year, other workshops and information sessions for parents and carers are organised. Information about these will be advertised in our school newsletter.

Each year, our Music department invites the parents of new instrumental beginners (from Years 4 to 6) to a briefing session which aims to answer questions about how the instrumental program is conducted at Middle Ridge, and the ways in which parents can assist students to become more confident musicians at home.

Transition to junior secondary education

Our school remains committed to ensuring that the transition of our students to secondary school is as ‘anxiety free’ as possible, that all parent queries and concerns are addressed, that there is strong communication between our nearest state high school and Middle Ridge SS, and ultimately, that our students feel well supported through this process.

Each year we undertake a range of activities with our Year 6 students to nurture and suppoort their eventual transition to Junior Secondary , ie. their entry to High School. A range of opportunities are created in league with our nearest state secondary school (Centenary Heights State High School) including site visits from High School reprrsentatives as well the chance for our students to visit the Secondary School to participate in an annual Interface Program.

The Centenary Heights State High School website provides emerging information about their preparations for secondary education as well as some useful question and answer fact sheets for further reference.

Prep information sessions and 'come and try’ days

Within the first few weeks of October our school will offer both an afternoon and evening information session for parents intending to enrol their child in our Prep Year programs. These sessions in term 4 are followed shortly thereafter by a series of ‘Come and Try’ mornings for intending prep children. Prep students who have applied for enrolment in the following year are invited to come to school for a few hours to experience life as a prep year student. Beyond these special information and ‘come and try’ sessions, parents of enrolled prep children will be invited to participate in individual enrolment meetings with our prep year teachers, allowing us to gain an informed understanding of your child’s learning needs, development and interests.

Support for Defence Force families

One of our experienced teacher aides is employed to assist the children and parents of defence force families settle into school life at Middle Ridge State School. Her role in supporting students is particularly significant when there are parental deployments or student absences from school.

Parents and the library

Parents, particularly of younger students, are welcome to come to the library before and after school to help their children choose a book to borrow. Parents (and grandparents) are encouraged to pop in and read to their students and younger siblings before school.

Parents and other members of the school community are also able to borrow items from the school library. The borrowing period is two weeks, but this may be extended. As well as the parent library of books, other resources are available for loan – for example, the popular 'Grab Bags' for busy Mums and Dads. These are bags of five books which are suitable for pre-preps. Please see a member of the library staff if you’d like to become a borrower.

There is a section in the library which contains books for parents. The collection is quite small and many of these have been purchased by the P&C. Most of the books are related to parenting and managing children’s behaviour.

Michael Grose - Parenting ideas website

The school subscribes to the Michael Grose ‘Parenting Ideas’ website, providing all Middle Ridge State School families with free on-line access to a multitude of great articles, resources and ideas to support parents in your efforts to continue raising healthy, happy children. 

Michael Grose is the author of eight parenting books, including his new release ‘Thriving!’ and the best-selling ‘Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change it.’ His popular parenting columns appear in newspapers and magazines across Australia. He has appeared regularly on television including channel 10’s' The Circle', and is a popular and entertaining speaker as well as a frequent columnist for a variety of written media. He also has a regular fortnightly half hour parenting segment on ABC radio.

A feature article with tips, thoughts and ideas will often appear in editions of the school newsletter.

Parenting Websites

The weekly newsletter occasionally has links to websites with parenting ideas. For example: